Stainless steel – corrugated hoses

Metalhoses for melting and casting companies, chemical and pharma factories:


Due to their design features, Dynamoflex high-grade steel corrugated hoses can be applied anywhere for the highest demands. They are made of a flexible, absolutely leak-proof connection element. It is heat-resistant up to 600°C, has excellent chemical and very high pressure resistance, which makes it preferable to a rubber hose. Send us your inquiry.

Datasheed general Catalogue
Datasheed Questionnaire corrugated hose



Datasheed Type MU 22 single-wall, medium wall thickness, low pitch
Datasheed Type MW 22 single-wall, medium wall thickness, standard pitch

Datasheed Type MW 23 single-wall, medium wall thickness, close pitch
Datasheed Type MW 42 single-wall, high flexible

Datasheed Type HD 52 high pressure version
Datasheed Teflon corrugated hoses with or without steinless steel-braiding

Datasheed self-assembly stainless steel hoses
Datasheed Special design (smooth inside)