heat protection

INDUSIL®1.000°C short time up to 1.200°C

high temperature resistant SiO² products from the U.S.A., in form of tapes, ropes, packings, hoses and fabrics.
Datasheed INDUSIL® fire protection materials

Indusil® is a registered trademark of the Westwood GmbH Dortmund.

We supply:

  • Fabrics
  • Packings
  • Sleevings
  • Ropes
  • Ribbons
  • custom-made filament yarn curtains
    they are made from high-temperature-resistant threads, toxicologically harmless, up to a classification temperature of 2.372°F. We manufacture tailor-made heat-resistant curtains and mats.

Yarn curtains

Filament curtains open only so far as absolutely necessary in the conduct of material.
The opening remains small and limited to the size of the passing object.
Thus, in ovens, dryers, shrink tunnels, etc., heat and atmosphere (e.g., inert gas) remain where they belong.

Materials are:
E-Glas / +550°C
HT700 / +750°C
SiO² 96% / +1.000°C (INDUSIL®)


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dimensions: free thread height max. 700 mm, otherwise according to customer requirements.


Refractory fiber mats

Datasheed Fiberfrax mats


Protective fabrics and heat protection hoses

Datasheeds heat protection hoses and tapes
Datasheed general Catalogue