SiO² up to 1.000°C short time 1.200°C

silica textile fabrics can be used or configured as: welding,drop cloths, protective screens, fire curtains, stress relief blankets,furnace insulation, cable wrap, and high temperature gaskets.

INDUSIL® is also available in fabric, tape, rope, sleeving, mat, and yarn forms. fabrics can be specified with aluminised, silicone, and other coatings for special application requirements.

INDUSIL® is silica textile fibre, the former name is Siltemp – Country of origin U.S.A.

INDUSIL® is an amorphous silica product (SiO2), which is produced by means of a special chemical and thermal process from glass fiber. This mineral product has excellent thermal, chemical and electrical properties. The melting point is at 1650 ° C. INDUSIL® does not burn and is therefore used as an effective protection against fire, sparks, flames and radiant heat.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Manufacturer: AVS Industries, LLC | 21 Bellecor Dr. | Unit C | New Castle, DE 19720 “AVSil”

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Video fire test SiO² fabric INDUSIL ®

Indusil® is a registered trademark of Westwood GmbH Dortmund.